'Great Shades of Elvis!'

I write this blog, and my name is Oliver Bain. I am a mathematician currently working as a postdoc somewhere in Wales, but my real passion is in writing nonsense and reading. If only that could be a profession!

The aim of the Quirky Muffin is simple: To be a useful way to vent my ramblings and inventiveness in a non-harmful way. There are stories, non sequitirs, reviews of books and movies, some linguistic traverses over events and surroundings, and general bric-a-brac as it occurs to me. If any of it is at all helpful to anyone in addition to me then I would be most pleased.

In addition to 'Quirky Muffin' I am also involved in the 'Film Bin' podcast project over at ..., where we do lots of movie and television related chats. There's a Film Bin player at the bottom of this page. Check it out if you have a moment.

As evidence of my mental derangement I have an imaginary co-author called Clomp von Clomp. Ignore him whenever possible as evil blue omnipotent creatures can be very hard to shift, especially when they're doing impressions of Al Jolson or the Kaiser.


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