The Teary List

This is a list of the shows and movies so good and so heartfelt, they will even wring a tear out of this cynical and tortured soul! It's incomplete, but still important...


'Blackadder Goes Forth: Goodbyeee' (1989) (Episode 6)
'Due South: Letting Go' (1995) (Episode 1x22)
'MASH: Abyssinia, Henry' (1975) (Episode 3x24)
'Mork And Mindy: Mork Learns To See' (1980) (Episode 2x17) 
'Quantum Leap: MIA' (1990) (Episode 2x22)
'Doctor Who: The Day Of The Doctor' (2013)
'Community: Beginner Pottery' (2010) (Episode 1x19)
'JAG: Wedding Bell Blues' (1998) (Episode 3x23)
'Watching: Slipping' (1991) (Christmas Special)
'JAG: Jaggle Bells' (1998) (Episode 4x11)
'Dirk Gently: Episode 3' (2012) (Episode 1x2)


'The Electric Horseman' (1979)
'Escape To Victory' (1981)
'The Ghost And Mrs Muir' (1947)
'The King's Speech' (2010)
'The Peanuts Movie' (2015)
'Real Steel' (2011)

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