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Most of the book chatter and mini-reviews, if they weren't too tangential to mix.


The A-Team (1984) by Charles Heath
The Adventures Of Tom Sawyer (1876) by Mark Twain
The African Queen (1935) by CS Forester
Armadale (1866) by Wilkie Collins
The Ascent Of Rum Doodle (1956) by WE Bowman
The Assassination Bureau (1963) by Jack London
The Belgariad (1982-1984) by David Eddings
The Big Clock (1946) by Kenneth Fearing
The Big Over Easy (2005) by Jasper Fforde
Bridge Of Birds (1984) by Barry Hughart
Captain Cut-Throat (1955) by John Dickson Carr
The Chinese Orange Mystery (1934) by Ellery Queen
The Club Of Queer Trades (1905) by GK Chesterton
The Columbo Collection (2010) by William Link
The Complete And Illustrated Brigadier Gerard (1894-1903) by Arthur Conan Doyle
The Complete Father Brown (1911-1935) by GK Chesterton
The Complete Prose (1998) by Woody Allen
The Conan Chronicles, volume 1 (1932-1934) by Robert E Howard
The Conan Chronicles, volume 2 (1932-1934) by Robert E Howard
A Connecticut Yankee In King Arthur's Court (1889) by Mark Twain
Contact (1985) by Carl Sagan
Death Of A Doxy (1966) by Nero Wolfe
Dimension Of Miracles (1968) by Robert Sheckley
Dirk Gently's Holistic Detective Agency (1987) by Douglas Adams
Discworld: Pyramids (1989)_by Terry Pratchett
Dragon (1990) by Clive Cussler
Dust And Shadow (2009) by Lyndsay Faye
Elementary, My Dear Groucho (1999) by Ron Goulart
The Elenium (1989-1991) v1 v2 by David Eddings
The Eye Of Zoltar (2014) by Jasper Fforde
First Lensman (1950) by EE Smith 
The Fourteen Carat Car (1940) by Jenő Rejtő
Flywheel, Shyster And Flywheel (1989) edited my Michael Barson
Galileo's Daughter (1999) by Dava Sobel
The Gate Of Ivory (1990) by Doris Egan
Gaudy Night (1935) by Dorothy L Sayers
The Ghostway (1984) by Tony Hillerman
The Girl On The Boat (1922) by PG Wodehouse
God Save The Mark (1967) by Donald E Westlake
Going Postal (2004) by Terry Pratchett
Groucho Marx and the Broadway Murders (2001) by Ron Goulart
Groucho Marx, King Of The Jungle (2005) by Ron Goulart
Groucho Marx, Secret Agent (2002) by Ron Goulart
Hopscotch (1975) by Brian Garfield
Ivanhoe (1819) by Walter Scott
The Hot Rock (1970) by Donald E Westlake
Jamaica Inn (1936) by Daphne Du Maurier
Join Me (2003) by Danny Wallace
Journey to the West (volume 1) (16th C) by Wu Cheng'En and WJF Jenner
Journey to the West (volume 2) (16th C) by Wu Cheng'En and WJF Jenner
Journey to the West (volume 3) (16th C) by Wu Cheng'En and WJF Jenner
The Judas Window (1938) by Carter Dickson (John Dickson Carr)
Kai Lung Unrolls His Mat (1928) by Ernest Bramah
King Solomon's Mines (1885) by H Rider Haggard
The Last Defender Of Camelot (1980) by Roger Zelazny
The Last Templar (1995) by Michael Jecks
The Lost World (1912) by Arthur Conan Doyle
Leave It To Psmith (1923) by PG Wodehouse
Manalive (1912) by GK Chesterton
The Master And Margarita (1967) by Mikhail Bulgakov (also here)
The Merchant's Partner (1995) by Michael Jecks
Moonshot (2005?) by Dan Parry
The Moonstone (1868) by Wilkie Collins
The Most of SJ Perelman (1958) by SJ Perelman
Mostly Harmless (1992) by Douglas Adams
Murder Must Advertise (1933) by Dorothy L Sayers
The Murder Of Roger Ackroyd (1926) by Agatha Christie
The Nine Wrong Answers (1952) by John Dickson Carr
No Name (1862) by Wilkie Collins
Oliver's Travels (1994) by Alan Plater
Pavane (1968) by Keith Roberts
Peril At End House (1932) by Agatha Christie
Personal Recollections Of Joan Of Arc (1895-1896) by Mark Twain
Peter And The Starcatchers (2004) by Dave Barry and Ridley Pearson
The Prince And The Pauper (1881) by Mark Twain
The Rainbow Trail (1915) by Zane Grey
Red Harvest (1929) by Dashiell Hammett
Riders Of The Purple Sage (1912) by Zane Grey
Ringworld (1970) by Larry Niven
The Roaring Trumpet (1941) by L Sprague de Camp and Fletcher Pratt
Round Ireland With A Fridge (1998) by Tony Hawks
Sackett's Land (1974) by Louis L'Amour
The Seedling Stars (1957) by James Blish
Shades Of Grey (2009) by Jasper Fforde
She Died A Lady (1943) by Carter Dickson (John Dickson Carr)
The Ship Errant (1996) by Jody Lynn Nye
The Ship Who Won (1994) by Anne McCaffrey and Jody Lynn Nye
So Long And Thanks For All The Fish (1984) by Douglas Adams
Some Buried Caesar (1939) by Rex Stout
Somebody Owes Me Money (1969) by Donald E Westlake
The Store Of The Worlds (2012) by Robert Sheckley
The Suspicions Of Mr Whicher (2008) by Kate Summerscale
A Tale Of Two Cities (1859) by Charles Dicken
The Thin Man (1934) v1 v2 by Dashiell Hammett
Three Men In A Boat (1889) by Jerome K Jerome
The Three Musketeers (1844) by Alexandre Dumas
They Shall Have Stars (1956) by James Blish
Three Hearts And Three Lions (1961) by Poul Anderson
Treasure Island (1883) by Robert Louis Stevenson
Triplanetary (1948) by EE Smith
Unicorn Variations (1983) by Roger Zelazny
The Voyage Of The Beagle (1839) by Charles Darwin
The White Company (1891) by Arthur Conan Doyle
The Wise Man's Fear (2011) by Patrick Rothfuss
The Woman In White (1859) by Wilkie Collins
The Worm Ouroboros (1922) by Eric Rucker Eddison
Yes Man (2005) by Danny Wallace

Adventure (Willard Price)

Amazon Adventure (1949) by Willard Price
South Sea Adventure (1952) by Willard Price
Underwater Adventure (1954) by Willard Price
Volcano Adventure (1956) by Willard Price


The Crime At Black Dudley (1929) by Margery Allingham
Mystery Mile (1930) by Margery Allingham
Look To The Lady (1931) by Margery Allingham
Police At The Funeral (1931) by Margery Allingham
Sweet Danger (1933) by Margery Allingham
Death Of A Ghost (1934) by Margery Allingham

Death In Paradise

A Meditation On Murder (2015) by Robert Thorogood
The Killing Of Polly Carter (2015) by Robert Thorogood
Death Knocks Twice (2017) by Robert Thorogood
Murder In The Caribbean (2019) by Robert Thorogood

Gideon Fell

The Blind Barber (1934) by John Dickson Carr
The Hollow Man (1935) by John Dickson Carr
The Black Spectacles (1939) by John Dickson Carr
The Case Of The Constant Suicides (1941) by John Dickson Carr
Till Death Do Us Part (1944) by John Dickson Carr
He Who Whispers (1946) by John Dickson Carr
Below Suspicion (1947) by John Dickson Carr


The Happy Return (1937) by CS Forester
A Ship Of The Line (1938) by CS Forester
Flying Colours (1938) by CS Forester

Jeeves And Wooster

Right Ho, Jeeves (1934) by PG Wodehouse
Thank You, Jeeves (1934) by PG Wodehouse
The Code Of The Woosters (1938) by PG Wodehouse

Laura Marlin Mysteries

Dead Man's Cove (2011) by Lauren St John
Kidnap In The Caribbean (2011) by Lauren St John
Kentucky Thriller (2012) by Lauren St John
Rendezvous In Russia (2014) by Lauren St John

Lord Peter Wimsey

Whose Body (1923) by Dorothy L Sayers
Clouds Of Witness (1926) by Dorothy L Sayers


The Judas Pair (1977) by Jonathan Gash
Gold From Gemini (1978) by Jonathan Gash
The Grail Tree (1979) by Jonathan Gash
Spend Game (1981) by Jonathan Gash
The Vatican Rip (1981) by Jonathan Gash


Rumpole Of The Bailey (1978) by John Mortimer
The Trials Of Rumpole (1979) by John Mortimer
Rumpole's Return (1980) by John Mortimer
Rumpole For The Defence (1982) by John Mortimer
Rumpole And The Golden Thread (1983) by John Mortimer

Sherlock Holmes

A Study In Scarlet (1887) by Sir Arthur Conan Doyle
The Sign Of Four (1890) v1 v2  by Sir Arthur Conan Doyle
My Favourite Sherlock Holmes Stories
The Seven-Per-Cent Solution (1974) by Nicholas Meyer

The Stainless Steel Rat
The Stainless Steel Rat (1961) by Harry Harrison
The Stainless Steel Rat's Revenge (1970) by Harry Harrison
The Stainless Steel Rat Saves The World (1972) by Harry Harrison
The Stainless Steel Rat Wants You (1978) by Harry Harrison
The Stainless Steel Rat For President (1982) by Harry Harrison
A Stainless Steel Rat Is Born (1985) by Harry Harrison
The Stainless Steel Rat Gets Drafted (1987) by Harry Harrison

Star Trek

Star Trek by James Blish
Star Trek: Battlestations! (1991) by Diane Carey
Star Trek: Crisis On Centaurus (1986) by Brad Ferguson
Star Trek: Dreadnought! (1986) by Diane Carey
Star Trek: Final Frontier (1988) by Diane Carey
Star Trek: Home Is The Hunter (1990) by Dana Kramer-Rolls
Star Trek: Ishmael (1985) by Barbara Hambly
Star Trek: The Kobayashi Maru (1989) by Julia Ecklar
Star Trek: Logs Nine And Ten (1977-1978) by Alan Dean Foster
Star Trek: Probe (1992) by Margaret Wander Bonanno
Star Trek: Spectre (1998) by William Shatner
Star Trek: The Starship Trap (1993) by Mel Gilden
Star Trek: The Vulcan Academy Murders (1984) by Jean Lorrah
Star Trek: The Wrath Of Khan (1982) by Vonda N McIntyre

Voyages Extraordinaires

Journey To The Center Of The Earth (1864) v1 v2 by Jules Verne
From The Earth To The Moon (1865) by Jules Verne
Round The Moon (1870) by Jules Verne
Around The World In Eighty Days (1873) by Jules Verne
An Antarctic Mystery (1897) by Jules Verne


'Jokes And Their Relation To The Unconscious' by Sigmund Freud

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